Market Outlook March 2023

Initial Commentary

The first 2 months of calendar year 2023 were marked with market volatility and overhang of negative cues from global peers. Nifty50 index declined by 4.82% from 1st Jan to close at 17321 on 1st March 2023. Sensex declined by 3.69% in the same time period. The month of February was especially marked with negative sentiments towards Adani group stocks after the huge claims made against them in the Hidenburg report. Factors to look out for to foresee the Indian market trend – Indian economic indicators like growth, inflation, fiscal deficit, FII/FPI flows, US Fed policy and linked global market movement, currency movement, RBI Monetary Policy decisions, impact of Quarter 3 results, Adani-Hidenburg proceedings. Read More

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Market Outlook July 2023

The Indian markets experienced a remarkable rally throughout the month of June, resulting in the Nifty and Sensex reaching unprecedented highs. Our previous prediction of the Nifty reaching 18,500 has been exceeded as it surpassed the previous peak, soaring to a level of 19,189. This market rally demonstrates a broad-based surge, with significant advancements across large-cap, mid-cap, [...]


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EQUITIES Indian market finally tested 18500 levels of Nifty as we expected three months ago. The rally was more prominent in banking stocks and the mid-cap segment of the market. IT stocks gained on the back of the good Q4 numbers and news of the US avoiding recession. Most of the IT companies have seen steady growth[...]