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We all know that it is not how much income we earn that matters, but how much income we retain after taxes – that actually make all the difference. Taxes, if not planned properly, will take away a large portion of your earnings and consequently, your investible surplus. Over the long-term, this constant reduction of your investible surplus can make a substantial impact on your ultimate net worth.

Improve your savings

Although tax incidence is not the crux of Financial Planning, judiciously planning your taxes is important as it improves the return on your investments. With some expert advice, you can minimize the impact of taxes in a legitimate way and increase your savings. After all, every rupee saved is a rupee earned.

Benefit from efficient tax planning

Pranitya Wealth Advisors offers you prudent advice on how to efficiently optimize your taxes. We will suggest relevant tax-saving ideas and instrument options that will effectively address the four important issues regarding tax-planning:
• Is there any tax benefit on the amount invested?
• Is there any tax benefit on the income received from such investments?
• Is the principal investment received on maturity taxable?
• What is the rate of tax on the income received?